Web3, det nye internet?

Web3, det nye internet?

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You have probably heard about this thing called web3 by now. In this letter we will touch upon some good sources and reflect a bit what we think web3 is.

First, a lot of sources write about web3 as a panacea focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. What DIN is working towards we would say is categorised as web3, but dont need cryptocurrencies nor blockchains to work properly.

Web3 has gotten a lot of criticism from important names, the focus has primarily been on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not so much criticism of the philosophy of trying to break up the centralised control, todays tech giants have. So lets start with some good sources and comments on web3:

With this background it is easy to see one perspective of web3. Many perspectives are about hosting servers, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Some about the belief in decentralisation turns out to be pretty centralised.

We in DIN believe that one will not get rid of services, they are there to stay. We can get services that operate more ethically and have certain criterias from a government/tech security perspective to allow to operate as a certain service. But for these services to work together, we have to get away from the API mindset and focus on moving data with the user.

To make this option trustworthy across the internet, we do need cryptography, which is not given that it is cryptocurrency nor blockchain. But we need to securely link people, organisations, data and devices in the digital world. That is what DIN believes in as web3, and why we are on this mission. Read more about the mission here

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