Credentials veikart, fremtidige events og andre nyheter

Credentials veikart, fremtidige events og andre nyheter

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Things are happening. This newsletter will primarly summarize smaller happenings, promote jobs related to this space and share upcoming events via DIN.

VCs(Verifiable credentials)

The credentials(Verifiable credentials) landscape is coming along, it might feel like we have gotten further than we have if you live in this bubble, but there are plenty of tasks left to solve and challenge. A recent roadmap was release by the CCG group of W3C -

This led to a further discussion of what is important to highlight in this roadmap, so that the community is able to understand the important pieces, follow this mail thread:


EU and EBSI, has released a test suite to try to become conformant with:

What does this mean? Basically, for standards and interoperability to work across the world, there has to be test suites and profiles to agree upon so that a company can run software towards this test suite, and verify that they are compliant. This is a good step in the right direction, based on that they are choosing the open standards from DIF and W3C!

New members
Sopra Steria signs up as a new member and is ready to make the open future of digital identity a reality.

Companies hiring 📰 🤝

  • Symfoni, a company working with SSI solutions in Norway and collaborating with the Norwegian government, is hiring developers and project leaders! Take a look at their job page

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Coming events 🗓

Normative technologies and the web

Kjetil Kjernsmo from the
steering group of Solid project and Norad, will come and talk about what societies need to do set norms with technologies on a societal scale

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Past events

Enabling individual value creation

We had a visit from Loonlab at Bolder Technologies talking about Enabling individual value creation and looking at the need for distributed identity for individual value creation
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