Godt nyttår og la oss få fart på fremtidens identitet

Godt nyttår og la oss få fart på fremtidens identitet

Hi  ! 👋

Happy new year and lets get ready to SSI! We have passed through the year of 2021 where:

Now its time to put the metal to the pedal and join under a bigger mission to provide a better identity infrastructure for the people of the nordics!

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Other news 📰 🚨

  • 📆📆 DigDir is starting with a feasibility study that will map opportunities for increased control over own personal information and is inviting to a workshop
  • DIN & partners is planning on making a document/statement to push forward the opinion of all our members, are you interessted, reach out to us on [email protected]

Coming events 🗓

Academia will come and tell us about their efforst

We will have a visit from academia to listen to their efforts towards a better identity world
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Past events

We discussed use cases for the nordics on the 17th of November

We wanted to stake out some usecases from the community!
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