EU Updates, Skills-based marketplace and other nordic news

EU Updates, Skills-based marketplace and other nordic news

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EU wallet work

DIN has talked about EU wallets a while back. Now we are starting to see a lot of movements in the EU on this subject. They did promise us something by 2024. Thales has announced a report on what a wallet means for the user. Biometric updated talks about how this wallet race might play out. And EU/EBSI is coming out with conformant tests to make sure everything is working out together in an ecosystem. Read how that worked out for Validated.ID. ValidatedID are also coming to the DIF Interoperability group meeting the 20th of April

Skills-based talent marketplace

SSI can be used for many different reasons. A skill related market place is one of them. We have an upcoming event, the 5th of April with SIKT, who will talk about how they work with education credentials and the EU. JFF has also delivered a report on what this type of market place looks like, in relation to digital wallets.

Future of software management from Norad

We recently had a visit from Kjetil Kjernsmo talking about how we can provide better software for the future by combining open source and governments. This is highly related to how can we open up the digital identity space.

If you are interessted or have any thoughts on this, Kjetil would love to hear from you on: [email protected]

New members 🚀💯
Signicat recently became a hero member(sponsor) of DIN. They have participated activly and we are closly working together on getting Norway active in the future identity space.

Credentials roadmap

We talked about this in our earlier newsletter. And wanted to follow up with some more information. You are now able to directly participate on the roadmap work by adding efforts not highlighted in the roadmap. There is a detailed scribed meeting you can listen to and read here or you can watch a recording of the event

Companies hiring 📰 🤝

Coming events 🗓

What does identity, EU and education credentials in common? 5th of May

SIKT will come and share their work with EU on different work packages on education credentials across boarders. This is all related to the EU wallets initiative going on

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Past events

Normative technologies and the web

Kjetil Kjernsmo from the
steering group of Solid project and Norad, visited us and talke about what societies need to do set norms with technologies on a societal scale.

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Enabling individual value creation

We had a visit from Loonlab at Bolder Technologies talking about Enabling individual value creation and looking at the need for distributed identity for individual value creation
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