DIN Meeting with IOTA Foundation

DIN Meeting with IOTA Foundation

Information coming in during the discussion

Recording can be found at the bottom

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Project IOTA is working with: https://www.ensuresec.eu/

The security of hashing collision: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9JGmA5_unY

Selv demo: https://selv.iota.org/demo/app

Recording from SVIP(Silicon valley innovation program): https://www.din.foundation/din-meeting-with-digital-bazar/

Initial Info

This time we got a visit from a not for profit organisation called the IOTA Foundation. IOTA develops the Tangle, an open source Distributed Ledger Technology addressing key challenges of digital trust and the IoT economy. Wilfried Pimenta, Head of Nordics & Jelle Millenaar, Lead Identity, will present for IOTA's work and initiatives in the Self Sovereign Identity domain.

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