Verifiable credentials er kjernen til alle fremtidige SSI use cases

Verifiable credentials er kjernen til alle fremtidige SSI use cases

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Winter is coming, that means more time indoors and more time in the digital world. Would be great if we could move data and identity across the world we are stuck with and not depend on third parties who watch us?

Verifiable credentials is a core need for all future SSI use cases

For this edition we are going to lean on external resources in hopes to collect enough for you guys to get a broad understanding of what VCs really are.

Also, DIN has an upcoming use case event, 17th of November, where we will brainstorm and discuss what we, the nordic people think are good use cases for SSI. To get the most out of that event, we need to understand the Verifiable credentials(VCs) properly.

To start with an intro to what a VC is and how they work have a read of an article from Timithy Ruff. Explains in understandable words what a VC is.

If you want to jump directly into the root of the spec, you are more than welcome here. This goes very much into detail on every attribute on why and how it should work. That is what a standard should do. But the VC data model does also point to a big document for use cases.

If you want to dig deep there are great beginners guides here

Other news 📰 🚨

Offers 🛒 🎉

Drummond Reed has given DIN an offer on his book

We have read this book and it is amazing 💯Really puts SSI into context! Use the discount code ssievernym37 and get a 33% of the retail price when buying the book here

Coming events 🗓

We bring in great minds to talk usecases on 17th of November

Usecases are super important for the story about SSI to be understood! It is time we dig into this subject and see where it can take us!
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Past events

We discussed DIN consortium on the 2nd of November

We wanted to stake out this consortium in plural, and learned a lot from Germany!
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All our events have recordings and can be found here.

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