Updates from the community

Updates from the community

German prioritises digital identity, with SSI focus

Angela Merkel has but the focus on digital identity, with SSI in focus. They look at pushing this to a scaling level in 2021 already.

Press releases, only in german, but translate functions might work


Okta buys Auth0 and comments on decentralized identity

We see this as very relevant for the work we are doing in DIN

Per the Okta CEO:
CSO: Do you’ve gotten an opinion on self-sovereign id?

McKinnon: I do. I believe that it’s the long run. We’ve obtained to get it executed. The issue is: How does it get bootstrapped? How does it get helpful in sufficient locations in order that sufficient individuals use it to make it helpful? The place is it going to come back from? Is it going to come back from an enormous social media firm? Is it going to come back from an enormous IT vendor? Or ought to it come from an unbiased establish supplier like Okta?


Okta have also written a paper on it earlier