SSI Læring og andre oppdateringer

SSI Læring og andre oppdateringer

Hi  ! 👋

Hope your outlook for the summer is good! This will be our summer vacation letter until we are back in August ☀️

Theme of this newsletter: Education

We thought that we should share all the resources we have to learn more about SSI(self sovreign identity), also called decentralized identity. Since all of us probably have some spare time over the summer we find it fitting to share some educational resources!

This list is long, but that is because there are so many great initiatives on SSI. We hope you share and enjoy these resources over the summer 🌞🎉

Other global news on digital identity and self sovereign identity

Coming events

We join forces with Norstella again! 7th of September

We will talk about what is closest to us, EU, and the latest EU Digital Wallet. What will it mean for us as Norwegian citizens? And how is it related to SSI?
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Past events

Norstella & DIN talks about the future of digital identity

Corono vaccination pass, EIDAS revision and SSI. What does this have to do with yellow vacination passport?

See more visited June 16th

They have recently launched their Mattr platform and also done great work with BBS+ signatures. See the discussion

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