Sommer brev og info om naboene våre

Sommer brev og  info om naboene våre

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Hope you are enjoying the summer, it might be over or you have some more weeks left, we do hope the last is what is true. We wanted to share some updates about what is going on in our backyard! And hope to see you active and going for our next events!

Theme of this newsletter: Nordic countries

The Nordics have come a far way in the digitization space, use of bank cards, pay with mobile phones and the use of electronic ID that works across the digital ecosystem. That is great. But to reach the holy grail of how an identity should work online, we have some steps to take. We believe schibsted do summarize this well in context of Sweden. A key takeaway "Given our runaway success, Sweden will probably be Bank-ID:ing away happily, ignoring the megatrend towards a decentralized, self-sovereign, ID layer. Meanwhile, communities and nations without a Bank-ID-type solution will leapfrog onto the solutions powered by Blockchain. Bank-ID is only a local maximum on the ever-rising ladder of innovation. And early success can be fatal in the long run."

This is long wall of text, but we feel we have informed you about the current state of the nordics. Let us know if you have any input on this information and we will gladly share more in our newsletter post. Just email us at [email protected] 🌞🎉

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We join forces with Norstella again! 7th of September

We will talk about what is closest to us, EU, and the latest EU Digital Wallet. What will it mean for us as Norwegian citizens? And how is it related to SSI?
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