Semantisk web, hvorfor dette er så viktig for vår fremtidige data?

Semantisk web, hvorfor dette er så viktig for vår fremtidige data?

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Christmas is close 🎄! And we wanted to follow up from our last newsletter, talking about verifiable credentials in itself. This will be a short one but with a bunch of other important news!

Schematics of verifiable credentials

I guess alot of the readers here have heard about Semantic Web. This is an important mindset shift for where the web we browse today have to go. It will not affect the user directly, but will make our web much more efficient.

To make verifiable credentials outstanding, we need to wrap them into some semantics. The reason for this, is that we want a user, police officer, to be able to request "drivers license" when controlling a driver. Not having to request something specialised data field and it can vary from country to country.

This data model is called JSON-LD in the verifiable credential world. There are a lot of proponents for this way for packing verifiable credentials, because the semantical benefit of it all. For you who might be more used to a JWT format, there exists certain interoperability which shall make it possible to exisit in both formats.

We just wanted to highlight the importance of semantics. Because if we take the Norwegian "Felles datakatalog", it is a great attempt to make data available, have documentation on what data is produced out of the APIs, but the data in the API is not semantically provable in itself. That is where verifiable credentials really shine.

With that, lets leave it at this semantic web article

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Drummond Reed has given DIN an offer on his book

We have read this book and it is amazing 💯Really puts SSI into context! Use the discount code ssievernym37 and get a 33% of the retail price when buying the book here

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We are planning great stuff coming next year
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We discussed use cases for the nordics on the 17th of November

We wanted to stake out some usecases from the community!
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