På tide å starte nyhetene igjen etter sommeren

På tide å starte nyhetene igjen etter sommeren

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First of all, hope you have had a great summer vacation! We want to kickstart after the summer with some fresh news from the global ecosystem

DID officially becomes a W3C recommendation

This is not new news, it happened june 30th. But DIN was on vacation so we have not shared this yet! But it is great news and means that the international web consortium believes in the future of a better digital identity, where you own and control yourself online!

You can find the descision and objections on this page

Discussions on what one can do about SSI business models

This is a field that is yet to be discussed heavily. We know the SSI way of doing data exchange eats into the business model of many issuing and verification businesses such as BankID, Bisnode and so on. But this field needs to be discussed because the technology is coming we want it or not. Join one of the better organizations raising important SSI questions on their next event, 4th of August.

IIW holds a business event, which is a topic that everyone should embrace more!

Important companies in the SSI space talks about the future

SpruceID with Wayne discusses the future of decentralized identity

Anonyme Labs writes about how decentralized technology can give you better control on the web

Speakers at Identivers 2022 talks about the time for decentralized identity is now

Data integrity and link-ability is important

We had a visit from DigDir who presented their framework for information administration in Norway. It is a complex area but an important one!

They have arenas for participating in further discussions on where information administration shall go, have a look

Companies hiring 📰 🤝

Coming events 🗓

Want to talk about SSI reach out to us

You can reach out too us to talk about what you feel is important when it comes to identity

Past events

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All our events have recordings and can be found here.


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