In preperation for 24th of June (guest article)

In preperation for 24th of June (guest article)

There is an upcoming event that will discus some much of my concerns stated here, have a look:

There have been several attempts from public sector in Norway to implement different solutions as the digital driver license app, our ID Card and smitte stopp app without what I believe is a proper digital identity. So, when I heard FHI was going to start on the corona certificate; I got in contact with them.

“Very exciting with corona certificates, but we need more than the simplified variants…
.. How about proper digital corona certificates based on a more modern technology than a simple QR code…
…I believe I can deliver digital corona certificates based on these decentralized identity concepts as early as May”

FHI and NHN invited us to a common discussion on the new certificates where DIN members and I attended; it was led by one of my former colleagues where they even challenged us to come up with different risk scenarios on cryptography.
I have also gone through the EU Green initiative; all based on RSA Cryptography, well know concepts, but on QR codes downloaded and even printed out on paper.

Somewhere the time has stood still during the pandemic; haven’t we learned anything new?

Why not do things proper and on the identity holder premises. You should also read some of the statements after a hearing:

Departementet vurderer å anmelde truende høringssvar
Grove høringssvar om coronapass: - «Pass dere, djevelunger»

They should focus more on why the vaccine pass, not only for the corona, is valuable to the identity holder.

I do hope after this discussion on the 24th, we can sit down for a deeper technical discussion; so we could show and not only tell: some times seeing is believing

In relation to seeing is believing, here are some  some recordings from Microsoft Build. These are highly relatable and showcase how things can be done in the Microsoft ecosystem

MyBuild - Down with sign-ups, just sign-in!

MyBuild - Build secure B2C applications with Azure AD External Identities

Best regards Kjetil Smith, look forward to a discussion on Thursday 24th of June