EU og AU sier alle skal ha wallets

EU og AU sier alle skal ha wallets

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Theme of this newsletter: EU and AU say everyone shall have a digital wallet

Digital wallets will soon become a hot topic for citizens of the European Union and African Union. In the last months both of these unions have released papers and frameworks on how the digital citizen shall be able to interact cross boarder and smoothly in a digital space.

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Read more up on the AU framework

A digital wallet is what the SSI world have been talking about for years, on how you shall be able to interact with a digital world. I will let this article go more into the depths on how a wallet works.

Our partner organization DIF have launched some frequently asked questions around wallets. There are controversial questions under this main category, such a what is the difference between Wallet and agent and what is the future of wallets, marked with the symbol 🔥

DIN believes in a world where you will choose a wallet of choice, like you are doing today with an email provider or even phone. You shall easily be able to move between wallet providers. You will use that wallet to log in anywhere online or even identify yourself in a physical world. This is were you will be able to collect credentials to easier identify yourself on the web, and also provide verifiable data to other service providers.

This wallet report talks in depth on how the future will look and many different scenarios we will end up in.

This rapport, from companies in the EU, also goes into a future view of what things will look like and how we as users will work with the online space the next 10 years.

Even the "learner" community is embracing SSI and have made a draft spec on what a learner wallet should focus on.

With all these initiatives going on, in depth thought work happening around wallets and that the EU has now said that their digital wallet framework should be done by 2022 for implementation, means that we are not far away from a wallet like future.

We hope the future implementations of a digital wallet will have the philosophy and focus of the 10 guiding principles of SSI

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