DIN handler og deltar i samfunnsdebatten

DIN handler og deltar i samfunnsdebatten

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We are trying to assist with the story telling of making sure that the future of digital identity will be implemented in a good way. So DIN is stepping up their contributions to the ecosystem and trying to be apart of the societal discussions!

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DIN Took a stab at solving the recent Norkart hack

We really want to make sure that the digital user is safe in our current digital environment. But safe is not just having walls around databases for companies and good authentication. Safe is much more trusted down in the root of identity. We wrote an article about this, and we mean that a new digital identity infrastructure could have solved much of these problems. Give some love to our linked in post as well

DIN recently contributed to feedback at EU level

DIN provided feedback that assists the Ecodesign Directive and propose additional legislative measures as appropriate, aims to make products placed on the EU market more sustainable. DIN focus on the use of identifiers and that this regulation focuses on the use of ISO15459. Which we think is very restrictive compared to the W3C standard DID

DIN participated on and EEMA fireside chat with Signicat and Bypass

This was a great conversation and great questions by the audience. We need to have these discussions to move the needle in the right direction. We will soon load up some media and recordings of the event. They are coming from EEMA and Signicat. But in the mean while you can show some love to the linked in posts!

OPEN ID and Verifiable Credentials white paper

A fine group of people recently released the OpenID and verifiable credentials white paper. They have worked on this technology for a long time and during IIW last month we really saw it come into fruition. We look forward to the direction it is going!

Still not sure what SSI is?

We have collected some recent explainers of what SSI is and let others to the story telling. Cointelegraph explains digital sovereignty. The Economic Times explains via video, self sovereign identity systems. Tangle Labs recently released a blog explaining what is self sovereign identity. DIN has provided some good resources in earlier newsletters

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Coming events 🗓

Digdir comes and presents framework for information management. 25th of May

Digdir will present to us their new efforts on information frameworks and how this can improve data communication between parties and also machines
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DIN summer gathering, 14th of June

We want to close of the summer with a small summer gathering for members and non members
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Past events

What does identity, EU and education credentials in common? 5th of May

SIKT will come and share their work with EU on different work packages on education credentials across boarders. This is all related to the EU wallets initiative going on

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Talking about SSI at Sopra Steria

We visited Sopra Steria offices and talked to their IAM community about SSI. It was a great event and disucssion
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