De 7 livs hendelsene og hvordan SSI kan hjelpe dem

De 7 livs hendelsene og hvordan SSI kan hjelpe dem

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Sorry for the break in activity, we have just had some very interessting conversations and deliverables that had to be finalized! But we are back with newsletter and upcoming events.

The 7 life events according to DigDir

We want to shed light on the 7 life events that DigDir has staked out as major: Here you can find the whole list.

This work is a great mapping of where digitalization should happen, also a very great starting point for SSIying(Self Sovereign Identity) these life events. We in DIN see these life events as the perfect use cases for telling the story on how SSI can be used for a better digital infrastructure and a more efficient dataflow. Where we set the user in the center of exchanges!

To help us tell the story, we just have to jump across the pond, to the great US of A. They started a project some years back that have been pushing SSI to a set of concrete life events. The umbrella doing this is called SVIP(Silicon innovation program) and we have talked about them before.

They recently had another demo week which showcases their attempt to solve the journey of Louis Pasteur, which immigrates to the USA and tries to start a life. This jouerny taps into many of the suggested life events from DigDir.

The reason they are doing this can be summed up into with this statment

"Prevent development of 'walled gardens' or closed technology platforms that do not support common standards for security, privacy, and data exchange. Remove limits on the growth and availability of a competitive marketplace of diverse, interoperable solutions for government and industry to draw upon to deliver cost effective and innovative solutions that are in the public interest."

You can find even more reasons on the source of this statement. The whole email is worth a read to understand how the USA is trying approach this.

We need to address the digitization efforts and EU directives as a collective group, and not just one government agency working on this. That is the reason DIN exists, being the consortia of what our future digital identity can be!

With this fresh in our minds, come joins us for one of our next event where we will be talking about these 7 life events and use cases for the Nordics and Norway. See coming events below or jump over to this link.

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We discuss DIN consortium on the 2nd of November

We want to stake out this consortium in plural, come join us!
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We bring in great minds to talk usecases on 17th of November

Usecases are super important for the story about SSI to be understood! It is time we dig into this subject and see where it can take us!
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