Are the Nordics working on the future of standards?

Are the Nordics working on the future of standards?

In DIN we are connected to a global community of digital movers and standarisation makers. We see a clear path where digital identity is going and steps needed to be walked to get there.

In Norway we are so lucky to have built a great digital infrastructure, but we cannot "hvile på laurbærene" as we say in Norway, and say that we are done and happy. We do efforts such as digital assistant and we have BankID. But looking at this, we see the potential that Norway and the Nordics might be missing out on the new way of thinking about digital identity. We need to work together on education ourselves with the right people around the table.

But DIN cannot do it alone, the global community cannot do it without engangement from research and government. And we are seeing the government and research grow tremendously in other countries such as USA: example 1 and example 2, Canada and Germany.

What do Norway and the Nordics need to do to get there?

Who has to be enganged to start this explorative work?

We do our fair share of work here in DIN. We have continously contact with the research community in Norway, we write applications to get a project going, we engange bachelors and master students in projects to increase the learning and we hold our own sessions of learning.

But we need more, we need more people to come together and think about the future of digital identity, and lets do that together, in DIN.

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