DIN at the Diwala meetup: What does your future identity look like?

Published on: 
June 16, 2020

We had the opportunity to present DIN at the Diwala meetup, where organisations presented their ongoing projects for digital identity.

Diwala Co-Founder & CTO and DIN co-founder Snorre Lothar Von Gohren kicked off the meeting, with his perspectives on the future of digital identity.

After that, Christian Landgren
and Adam Näslund
spoke for Iteam, and explained about a new future type of identity building with the Swedish government. https://iteam.se/

Following, we had speaker Jamie Smith - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiedsmith/?originalSubdomain=uk
from tech company Evernym that builds and deploys SSI Solutions. https://www.evernym.com/

Finally, DIN co-founder Nina Mathiesen spoke about DIN, direct link to the start can be found here